A vast majority of this work was done in Seattle, during the salad days of “Extreme _____!”  Snowboarding, wakeboarding, and various “X” versions of skateboarding was the thing… and the world has been a better place since.

  1. K2 Snowboard Design + Sims Trade Ad
    Borrowing from early 70’s muscle car graphics, this series of FatBob K2 boards were fast-but-guzzled-no-gas.  Sims Snowboards ad invited trade show attendees to sample its wares via the iconic ViewMaster.snowboard


2. Burton Snowboards’ “Log”
This media kit was mailed to participating snowboard dealers, complete with various insects inside. (plastic insects, of course!)


3. Redbull’s Seattle Downhill
Print campaign for longboard competition held in West Seattle.  Contestants (pilots?) wore full leathers for this event.seattledownhill


4. Burton Snowboards Christmas Card
Advent calendar revealed unexpected, cheerful images in this Norman Rockwell lift.  Yep, that’s Jethro…


5. K2 Skis Dealer Poster
Let’s just say this was not supposed to be printed, much less mailed to participating dealers… right, Margie?

6. O’Brien Wakeboards
Customer brochure for this new style of water sports. It was decided that the photo shoot must take place in a grocery store… but, for the life of me, can’t remember why.